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Thomas Idea Revealed
15 Awards

Thomas Idea Revealed 15 Awards

Bangkok, June 9, 2010 – Thailand’s leading interactive agency Thomas Idea reveals its movements for Q2 as target while celebrate its 15th anniversary with 15 global awards and arranging an interactive design competition for Thai young generation. CEO also insists on advantages of digital marketing for Thai marketers to drive sales and branding.

Uraiporn Cholsirirungskul, CEO of Thomas Idea, said, "We have seen
an increasing use of digital marketing and interactive media rapidly in Thailand. There is positive growth in our company as well. Our online marketing strategy projects in the first half of 2010 was increased over 20% compared with same period last year. Moreover, during the second half of the year, more online campaigns and applications will be developed for
a new platform of technology like social networking site, mobile, or iPad,
in order to serve a growing need of each business. Especially, the May crisis has proven strong influence of communications in digital space that many big companies and organizations had to revise their communications strategies.”

In addition, the company also announces its latest remarkable achievement as the winner of 15 global awards at four distinguished international interactive design competitions, including: the 16th Communicator Awards, the 2010 Interactive Media Awards, the 2010 Summit Creative Awards and the 40th Creativity International Awards. The award-winning projects include Mahaphant: Granada Ville Campaign Site honored 6 awards; Eucerin: Beauty Fighter Campaign Site honored 5 awards; Property Perfect: Happy Route Campaign Site honored 2 awards; and Ratchaprasong Square Trade Association: Heart of Bangkok Website honored 2 awards.

“This global achievement recognizes that websites created by Thai interactive agency meet the international standard. Surprisingly, it is the same number to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We are looking forward to get more rewards at the year end,” Uraiporn mentioned.

She also revealed a special contribution to digital media industry, “
Thomas Idea arranges the I.D.E.A Interactive Design Competition for enhancing interactive design for young generation. The theme REACTION itself conveys major character of Interactive technology. Visit and vote for the popular winner at”

New media; impact and current situations

Uraiporn also gave her opinion on the current trend of online media,
“from what we have gone through in last May, it is necessary for business to get recovery promptly. The impact of online communication proofs itself as one of the strongest tools for public interest and cooperation. Marketers also agree with powerful advantages derived from such media for optimal budget and speedy responses. For this reason, most marketers consider revising their digital marketing strategy and move the next phrase faster.”

“It is time for marketers to apply this new online engine as a potential channel to boost sales and build brands both in short and long-term aspects,” she added.

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