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A new global agency

We are a group of makers,
and make-believers.

Mirum is a new agency created with a pioneering spirit.

Our principles are deeply rooted in innovation, design, data, marketing and technology to drive business transformation in a world of constantly evolving behaviors and expectations.

As a team we strive for collaboration and believe amazing things can happen when you "Never Lose Your Sense of Wonder."


In January 2015, eleven regional agencies came together to form a new global agency spanning 17 countries and 40 offices focused on innovation, marketing and business transformation.


Mirum's capabilities are organized around Strategy & Consulting services, Creative & Content, User Experience & Platforms, Analytics & Insight and Product Development & Mobile.

Why a new agency?

As the world gets more complex, clients are demanding that agencies with deep technical capabilities and leading-edge creative solutions be part of their global marketing teams, alongside their existing agency relationships. The launch of Mirum is an integral part of J. Walter Thompson Company's 2015 strategy to offer global capability that is both competitive and easy to buy. Creating Mirum will give clients access to centers of excellence that exist across the offices and provide an easy way for clients to expand their global marketing via connected teams around the world. The new agency is also a natural progression in bringing together companies that share an entrepreneurial culture, deep understanding of local market needs, and leading-edge technical and creative capabilities.

What is Mirum's relationship to J. Walter Thompson?

J. Walter Thompson agency and Mirum are sister companies with separate management teams and P&L's, allowing both companies to maintain their autonomy and ability to collaborate together and alongside others in order to grow business and solve client problems. These companies and others sit underneath the J. Walter Thompson Company umbrella, led by Gustavo Martinez, CEO, J. Walter Thompson Company.

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